Tinnitus treatment technology

ReSound Verso TS is a special branch of the ReSound Verso hearing aid family. Selected models are equipped with an advanced tinnitus sound generator and algorithms based on audiological knowledge about tinnitus treatment.

Dedicated programs in the ReSound Aventa fitting software transform ReSound Verso TS hearing aids to advanced tinnitus therapy tools. 

Below, you can see how hearing technologies are used to provide tinnitus treatment benefits in the ReSound Verso TS hearing aids. Scroll down to learn more about how each technology works.

Features  Tinnitus treatment benefit
Tinnitus Sound Generator  The Tinnitus Sound Generator supports any tinnitus sound therapy protocol, while offering flexibility within protocols. It is proven as an effective stimulus for the relief of tinnitus.
Frequency Shaper Sound generator is individualized to provide maximum listening comfort and optimal relief from tinnitus
Synchronized Volume Control 
Provides binaural manual volume control of the Tinnitus Sound Generator
Synchronized Environmental Steering Provides automatic binaural volume control of the Tinnitus Sound Generator for maximum comfort as users move from one environment to another.
Synchronized Amplitude Modulation Adds a soothing quality to the Tinnitus Sound Generator for even greater comfort.
Streaming sound signals Flexibility for providing therapeutic tinnitus sounds

Tinnitus Sound Generator

The Tinnitus Sound Generator produces a random white noise with a flat power spectral density, which means that the signal contains equal power within a fixed bandwidth at any center frequency.

Frequency Shaper

Configurable frequency content to suit the client’s preferred setting. The Frequency Shaper allows you to adjust the low and high cut filters to shape the white noise frequency range according to the client’s preferences.

Synchronized Environmental Steering

Automatic adjustment of the sound-generator level dependent on seven acoustic environments:
  • Quiet
  • Soft speech
  • Loud speech
  • Soft speech in noise
  • Loud speech in noise
  • Loud noise

Synchronized Environmental Steering automatically alters the volume of the white noise according to the listening environment the client is in.

Synchronized Amplitude Modulation

Synchronized Amplitude modulation is a fluctuation in the level of the white noise signal while all other spectral components remain uniform. Different levels of modulation and modulation speeds can be selected according to the client’s preferences. Activating amplitude modulation offers an “ocean-wave” sound quality to the white noise, which will be synchronized between the two hearing aids for enhanced comfort. 

Synchronized Volume Control

The manual Synchronized Volume Control allows clients to adjust the level of white noise according to their preferences. The Synchronized Volume Control range can be adjusted using the ReSound Aventa software in order to limit the amount of control clients have over the volume of the white noise.

Sound Streaming

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone allows wireless streaming of numerous sound signals. It removes limitations on sound sources available to treat tinnitus and allows ReSound Verso TS to accommodate any type of tinnitus treatment.

Users can upload any sound source to an MP3 player, connect it to the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone via a stereo plug, and have that sound source wirelessly streamed to their hearing aids. This means they can choose and then use the sound signals they find most beneficial and therapeutic.